Frederick Mathais Alexander was born in Australia in 1869. He was not a well child and spent a lot of time, while he was growing up, outdoors on the family farm. He always enjoyed the theatre and decided his future was as a performer. He always struggled to project his voice and as he performed more recitals within his work, he found his voice would elude him half way through. This soon became quite a serious affliction so he visited his doctor whereupon he was told to rest his voice for two weeks. On returning to the stage, he began a recital and his voice eluded him again. His doctor told him he was unable to help.

Refusing to accept defeat, he looked at himself in mirrors to ascertain what was wrong. He realised he was altering his neck position which was affecting his chest. He worked on improving this and his recitals became clear and strong throughout.

He studied how posture affected so many things and his fellow colleagues came to him for help with various problems. He was very successful in helping them and soon had a very good reputation. He was persuaded to travel to London whereupon he set up clinics and continued to teach his findings. He died in 1955.

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